Okagama is an award winning team of three young and enthusiastic people with different, yet interrelated backgrounds.

They have found together during the ITECH M.Sc.program at the University of Stuttgart in 2020. The projects were developed by the interdisciplinary team, which is composed of Okan, Gabriel, and Maximilian. Before they met, Okan was studying civil engineering in Istanbul. Gabriel completed his undergraduate studies in architecture and urban planning in Stuttgart, while Maximilian completed his first Masters program in Vienna.

The work is placed in the context of global challenges such as climate change and an increasing world population. It is clear that the construction sector has to cope with these challenges in the upcoming years and that alternatives to conventional building systems and design habits are required. The work is therefore investigating novel approaches to architecture, with a special interest in shape-changing structures and how a transformation can link the benefits of different states to increase efficiency. The work integrates recent technological advancements in the fields of computation in architecture, digital fabrication, and integrative design. In a bottom-up design process, the form of the objects is derived from the synthesis of multiple fields and non-separable of the structure.


Two main projects were developed by the collective during the studies in the ITECH master and realized as full scale prototypes.
Computational planning is combined with curved folding.
Form, Function and Structure are integrated and designed with respect to materiality and load bearing capacity.
OkaGaMa has met during the itech m.sc. at the university of stuttgart.
Shared work of the trio is presented on this website.


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