Gabriel Rihaczek, MSc

Gabriel Rihaczek, 1996 * Stuttgart, has started his professional career with the study of architecture and urban planning at the University of Stuttgart. The four year programme included various fields of study and featured an international year. In the consecutive M.Sc. programme "Integrative Technologies & Architectural Design Research" at the University of Stuttgart, he acquired a new set of skills focused on computational design, digital fabrication and material behaviors. Here, a special interest lied in the use of transformative structures and the realization of novel systems on an architectural scale. Results are the master thesis timbRfoldR and the seminar project fibRfoldR. Previous involvements included the upcoming Itech research pavilion 19/20 and student assistance for the Rosenstein pavilion. In future work, the linkages between architecture, computation, transformation and materiality remain to be further explored.